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Cherkasies turn

6 days / 5 nights. Groups are from 10 to 16 persons

Day 1
 two-storeyed cottage


Arrival in an airport or train station Kyiv.
Transfer into place of residence, in a 20 km from Cherkasies. Settlement in a two-storeyed cottage, in an environmentally clean protected zone, in a pine-wood ashore Dnepr. This unique place, that combines beauty of practically untouched nature, greenery of the coniferous forest and bright blue color of water smooth surface. you comfortable numbers will wait with all comforts . you are expected by a clean, own beach, rolling on boats, volley-ball and soccer grounds, and also Russian bath-house.
Spare time. Entertainments. Supper and lodging for the night.

Day 2
Welcome to Kyiv - the capital of Ukraine!



A transfer to Kiev. Welcome to Kyiv - the capital of Ukraine! More than 30 architectural styles of different epochs from times of Kyiv Rus and to our days present the architectural phenomenon of city of Kyiv. During an excursion you will pass a way from the Byzantine architects 10 centuries and to modern character of Kyiv. you поситите Kiev-Lavra that overpeers on the high hills of right bank of Dnepr. Crowned by gold domes Kiev- Lavra is destiny of most Holy our Lady, cradle of monkhood on Rus and stronghold of the Orthodox faith. A main sacred object of Lavra is imperishable relics of the saint Pechersk saints that repose in Antoniev and Feodosiy caves. All complex of the Kiev lavra is added to the title list of architectural monuments of UNESCO.

Старокиевской горой и остатками первого каменного храма на Руси


Continuation of excursion will acquaint you with two most ancient places and districts of Kyiv - by the Starokievskiy mountain and bits and pieces of the first lithoidal temple on Rus - by the Tithe church, Andrievsky loweringyiv, Andrievsky church. You will visit Mihaylovsky Zolotoverhy Cathedral, will visit near the Askoldov grave - burial-place of prince Askold, kill in 882 gs . you will see the Starokiev mountain, bits and pieces of the first lithoidal temple on Rus - the Tithe church, will visit the most beautiful temples, theMihaylovsky Zolotoverhy monastery and Sofiivka Cathedral, Golden Gate. Spare time. Entertainments. Supper and lodging for the night.

Day 3
Excursion on National reserve Chigirin



A transfer is in Chigirin. Excursion on National reserve " Chigirin". ИHistorical potential of reserve is unique. The monuments of different times were here saved. This Monastirische site of ancient settlement of scythian period(VII - IV вв. B.C.). Chigirinand Subboats related to becoming of the state system of the Ukrainian people. Chigirin is the first capital of Ukraine of times of hetman Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, Subboats is his family estate. Chigirin was one of centers of haydamaky motion. Nature of guard zones of reserve is rich. She includes territories of Cold Yar with millennial oak of Maxim Geleznyak on the farm of buda, Ataman park with the system of ponds and avenues, healthful source " of Givun", Three wells in p. Subboats and well of Maxim Железняка in p. Medvedivka. On territory of reserve 5 museums operate: B. of Khmelnytskyi and archaeological, regional, ethnographic. Dinner. Spare time. Entertainments. Supper and lodging for the night.

Day 4
yachts club.



Transfer in yachts club. A walk on a yacht will present a bright, tender and affectionate sun to you, and in the evening you will be able will enjoy silense and unforgettable sunset. In the district of Cherkasies the width of Dnepr exceeds a 12 km, and general length more than 120км. There is nothing more wonderful, than to go under a sail looking after picturesque banks. Delicious dinner(fish soup from fresh fish and other great deal). Continuation of enthralling walk on a yacht . Return and yachts club.

Spare time. Entertainments. Supper and lodging for the night.

Day 5
Excursion on national Historical reserve Pereyaslav



Transfer in Г.Pereyaslav Hmilnitsky. Excursion on national Historical reserve "Pereyaslav" — one of the largest museum complexes(reserves) of Ukraine. Reserve exists on the base of monuments of history and culture, different collections having a large historical and artistic value. More than 400 objects and monuments of cultural heritage are included in his composition. 24 thematic museums of different profiles operate in composition reserve, majority from that takes place in the monuments of architecture(churches, former narrow-minded and squire houses, peasant izbas and other building). A large scientific and artistic value is had collection of clothing(10 thousand units), towels(4 thousand units), старопечатных XVII - XIX c. (about 5 thousand units, icons (more than 1200 units), of artistic glass of ХVII - ХVIII c.









A transfer is in г.Kaniv. In this excursion you will visit to "Tarasova mountain", museum of Taras Shevchenko. Mohyla of Taras Shevchenko in Kaniv on Chernechaya grief is one of the most reverent places for the Ukrainian people. Enters in the complement of Shevchenko national reserve. Next to a museum there is a grave of Taras Grigorievich Shevchenko, a granit monument overpeers above that. Spare time. Entertainments. Supper and lodging for the night.

Day 6
excursion on Cherkasies,



In the day of arrival or in the day of departure excursion on Cherkasies, with the visit of sights of city : the Mihaylovsky cathedral is the greatest temple in Ukraine(arrives at a 72 m in a height), Cherkasy regional regional museum, museum of Kobza-player.

Transfer in an airport or train station in Kyiv.

Cost of turn on a 1 man 370 EUR, to the children 12 to 10% discount.
    In a cost included:
    • - are All moves and transfers on a comfortable bus(a general extent of route is 2000 kilometres);
    • - it is Residence;
    • - it is Feed(breakfast, dinner, supper);
    • - are Excursions, museums(entrance tickets);
    • - are Guides on all excursions:
    • - it is Translator;
    • - it is Firing from a gun on targets;
    • - it is Guard(all turn i.e. 6 days);
    • - it is Insurance.
    Additionally paid:
  • - are airline Tickets or train transport in Kyiv.

Every tourist of visiting the Cherkasy edge waits a gift!