Cherkassy, Shevchenka 270 str., apt. 23
tel.: +38(098) 985-76-13
Viber: +38(066) 070-53-46

Green tourism

We invite you to rest in guest house - "Kobzar cradle", the home of Taras Shevchenko, where you will be warmly greeted. You will find a communion with nature, delicious Ukrainian food, acquaintance with the works of folk art (embroidery, wood carving). Around the house there is a large and beautiful garden with berry bushes. The house has a room of Shevchenko times w here are collected everyday objects of the peasants of the XIX century: the furnace, cradle, jugs and more. Here you will feel the taste of the ethnic cuisine (homemade bread, milk - all from the own garden) and touch the nature which inspired the great Kobzar. In "Kobzar cradle" come guests from all over the world including the President of Ukraine.

Tour price

  • 40 EUR per person per day, the price includes accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  • Children under 14 years old 30 EUR per person per day, accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  • Horseback riding - 5 EUR per person per hour.
  • Lessons of Petrikovka painting - 5 EUR per person per hour.
  • The total accommodation for 10 people. Transfer (there is an opportunity to meet you at the airport / Railway station in Kiev).
 Green tourism

We offer to you the rounds of day off to on the Cherkasskoy area

  1. 1. Charming Uman (one-day round to to dendroparku Sofievk) - 30EUR
  2. 2. From the height of Shevchenkovoy burn (Kanev, Trakhtemirov, tarasova mountain, Uspens'kiy cathedral, memoreal'niy museum of T.G.Shevchenko) - 20EUR
  3. 3. Starovynni monasteries and temples (Chigirin, Subotiv, Kamenka, Troicka church of Matrenovskogo of monastery) - 25EUR
  4. 4. Edge of the canyon and the horses ( Zhashkovskiy stud farm, Buckiy canyon ) - 30EUR
  5. 5. Shevchenko edge ( Korsun'-Shevchenkovskiy ) - 25EUR