Cherkassy, Shevchenka 270 str., apt. 23
tel.: +38(098) 985-76-13
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Hotels Cherkass

A hotel is "Dnepr"

A hotel is Dnepr "Dnepr" - it 4-zvezdochnyy hotel complex in a center a city Cherkassy, next to point-of-sale, cultural and business chastyami cities. Located in a picturesque place, from the windows of which the wonderful type of Dnepr is opened.
A hotel was reconstructed a few years back, and today at your disposal: placing is in new numbers, blameless service and wide choice of additional services. In Your order a restaurant is higher class, stomatkabinet, barbershop, laundry, baggage room with mini-safes, off-wire access in Internet on technology of Wi-fi


  • Single-seat - 380 UAH
  • Two-seater - 680 UAH
  • Lyuks - 1160 UAH
  • Suites of rooms - 1630 UAH

Conference hall:

For the leadthrough of conferences, seminars, presentations, business meetings a hotel offers a conference hall into 70 places with all necessary equipment (multimedia projector, lorryborne screen, microphone, computer, printer-skaner-kseroks, videotape recorder, record dvd-player, prezenter, flip-chart and other). Refined interior of hall, comfort furniture: easy chairs with folding dinner-wagons, tribune, round table and professional audio and videos will provide an equipment success to any planned measure Your measure will get excellent support as professional the organized break coffee-dance, fursheta or banquet.

A hotel is "Orange"

A hotel is Orange Orange - modern comfortable hotel-restaurant complex located in a center Cherkass.
    Hotel «Orange» offers the followings services:
  • - placing of participants is in modern, comfortable numbers;
  • - lease of konferenc;
  • - hall;
  • - business is lunches and suppers.
«Orange» is offered by three halls for providence of conferences.


  • Single-seat standard - 370 UAH
  • Dvukhmetsnyy standard - 430 UAH
  • Two room first class with dzhakuz - 880 UAH
  • Two room suite of rooms - 1280 UAH

Conference hall

  • Conference hall counted on 130 persons, self-possessed in business style. A hall ideally befits for the leadthrough of presentations, seminars, trainings, international congresses.
  • - A hall is equipped the internet of Wi-fi, multimedia projector, mounted screen,
  • - By microphones, audio-system, flipchartom, by public-call lines,
  • - Capacity: 100-130 persons

Fire-place hall:

  • - Universal hall with possibility of leadthrough of conferences and seminars (25-30 persons), and also banquets (to 30 persons) or furshetov;
  • - A hall is equipped the internet of Wi-fi, audio by the system, flipchartom, by a plasma television set;
  • - Capacity: 30 persons;
  • - A fire-place hall can be used as Room for negotiations;
  • - Ideal place for the leadthrough of the closed negotiations or small presentations.

A hotel is "Ukraine"

A hotel is Ukraine


  • Standard - 329 UAH
  • Lyuks - 549 UAH
  • "Lyuks +" - 859 UAH
  • Suites of rooms - 1159 UAH

Conference hall:

  • Hotel in Cherkassakh «Ukraine» has a modern base experience is in service for the leadthrough of conferences, trainings, seminars, meetings of shareholders' et cetera.
  • For organization and leadthrough of seminars and conferences, hotel of Cherkass Ukraine offers the followings types of equipment:
  • - Multimedia projector of NEC VT 695 G;
  • - Mechanized screen;
  • - Flip-chart;
  • - Microphone of cord.


A restaurant is a place, where you will be able not only to appease the hunger but also rest.

We offer to you the rounds of day off to on the Cherkasskoy area

  1. 1. Charming Uman (one-day round to to dendroparku Sofievk) - 30EUR
  2. 2. From the height of Shevchenkovoy burn (Kanev, Trakhtemirov, tarasova mountain, Uspens'kiy cathedral, memoreal'niy museum of T.G.Shevchenko) - 20EUR
  3. 3. Starovynni monasteries and temples (Chigirin, Subotiv, Kamenka, Troicka church of Matrenovskogo of monastery) - 25EUR
  4. 4. Edge of the canyon and the horses ( Zhashkovskiy stud farm, Buckiy canyon ) - 30EUR
  5. 5. Shevchenko edge ( Korsun'-Shevchenkovskiy ) - 25EUR