Родной край

We congratulate you and invite you on a trip to the world of dentistry "Prisma".



The world of dentistry is an interesting and fascinating world where it is interesting to travel for the whole family from grandchildren to grandparents.

"Prisma" unites qualified doctors in the field of therapy, orthopedics, surgery, orthodontics, prevention and pediatric dentistry.

Doctors have all the necessary licenses, and their qualifications are confirmed by numerous diplomas and certificates. The specialists of our clinic - doctors of the first, the highest category, were trained in various countries, such as: Czech , Germany, Israel.



There is such a concept as “dental rest”, when dental treatment is associated with tourist trips. You should agree that it is very convenient. After all, dental treatment occurs often due to a certain psychological stress, and pleasant impressions from rest and learning a new culture help to relax and improve the emotional state.

Indeed, professional dental standards are the same in all developed countries of the world. The price level for dental services in Ukraine is much lower than in Europe, or the United States or the Great Britain.



What is the dental tourism program at the Prisma Clinic?

Call us by:

  • - Viber +380(63)4365497,
  • - WhatsApp +38(063)4365497,
  • - email: dentprizma01@gmail.com ,

Our administrator answers all questions, informs about the current prices and trip details. Our staff speaks English, so there will be no barriers to communication. You can provide us with x-rays of your problem teeth. They will be taken into account when drawing up a treatment plan.

Our staff, with the assistance of the travel company Rodnoy Kray, will reserve a hotel for you, arrange transfers from the station or airport. We will draw up an individual tourist plan for you during your stay in Cherkasy.



The unlimited historical and cultural potential, rich natural resources, unique architectural and archaeological sights of Cherkasy region will satisfy the most sophisticated tourist (sailing on a yacht, riding military transport, flying a sports plane, visiting a Buddhist temple, etc.)



Our patients are citizens of Germany, Israel, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Italy. We will carry out professional treatment of your teeth. All types of services have a 1 year warranty.



Prices will pleasantly surprise you. You can see them here.